An enigma wrapped in a puzzle and shrouded in mystery; meet guitarist, songwriter, personal music instructor, and composer Cody Weigleb. Cody is one of the area's most respected professional artists and has garnered the admiration and awe of many. Guitar players of all levels come to his shows to watch him work his magic, but his appeal goes far beyond musicians.  His live shows are known for their humor, performance, passion, and mind-blowing shredding solos.

Originally from New Albany, Cody was born into a musical family. He got his first guitar as a child and was taught by his brother. He quickly learned by ear, with no formal instruction, and had never read music. He is an accomplished guitarist in many genres with his hands deep into numerous groups and projects.

Cody spends much of his down-time in and around water. He's an avid lover of the outdoors and can be found somewhere on a lake in his boat. He is also a private music coach who helps to mentor young, budding guitarists.